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Legal Notices/Ordinances

Zoning Administrator  
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Please be advised that on Wednesday, September 16, 2020 at 6:00 pm at the Blair Township Hall, 2121 CO RD 633, GRAWN, MI  49637; the Blair Township Planning Commission will conduct a Public Hearing regarding  proposed amendments to the Blair Township  Zoning Ordinance.
Amendment #104-05-20-01 to amend sections: 16.04 and 16.08, Amendments regarding fencing and recreational vehicle storage.

Text to be deleted has strikethrough and text to be added is in bold italics.



Section 16.04  Fences

1.            Requirement for fences in all zoning districts

f.             All fences shall be constructed with the finished side exposed in a manner which serves to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the neighborhood and surrounding area.

h.           No fence shall be erected in the required front yard setback.

i.             All fences must be located entirely on the private property of the person constructing the fence, except if adjoining property owner(s) consent in writing to the construction of a fence on the property line, it may be so constructed. Such written consent shall be filed with the permit application. In the case of adjoining properties, only one (1) fence between the two properties shall be erected.

j.             In residential areas, fences within a side or rear yard area shall not exceed six (6) feet in height, measured from the surface of the ground.  Fences within a front yard area shall not exceed four (4) feet in height, measured from the surface of the ground. fences shall not exceed six (6) feet in height as measured from the surface of the ground. Fences erected within the front yard setback must not exceed four (4) in height and cannot be within the road right of way.

Section 16.08  Recreational Vehicle Storage

2.            Residents of the Township Property owners may store their own trailer, boats, and similar vehicles on their own property for an indefinite period of time, provided the vehicles are in operable condition and are not stored within any required front or side yard setback area.  The maximum number of such owner-owned recreational vehicles stored outdoors on the property shall not exceed four (4).

3.            A travel trailer parked or stored on a residential lot with a primary dwelling shall not be connected to sanitary facilities and shall not be occupied.

5.            Travel trailers may be occupied on vacant properties in all districts excepting the CM Commercial Manufacturing district. Owners are required to complete an Administrative Review application and the property must have an address. Occupancy is limited to fourteen (14) days consecutively, trailer shall not be connected to any utilities other than electric, small campfires are permitted. No other structures shall be permitted on property and travel trailer must beet zoning district setbacks shown on site plan and shall be owner occupied. Travel trailers may be occupied for up to one year if a primary residence is actively under construction on same property. Any violations of Township ordinances shall revoke permit for one year from date of violation.

The draft of the amendment is available for inspection at the Blair Township Office during regular business hours, at the above noted address, or by appointment.  Written comments will be received until, September 15TH, 2020, and directed to Blair Township Planning Commission, at the above noted address.

Blair Township will provide reasonable auxiliary aids and services to individuals with disabilities at the public hearing.  Persons requiring auxiliary aids or services should contact the Township at least five (5) business days prior to the hearing, (231) 276-9263 

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